How To Do a squat With Proper Form Best guide And Technique

How To Do a squat With Proper Form Best guide And Technique

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SO you are wondering How to do a squat, you came to the right place.
Squats are joint exercises that engage most of the large lower body muscles. They hit our hips, glutes, thighs, and hamstrings. Appropriately done squats are also helpful to our cardiovascular system. If you’re looking for perfect butt exercises, then squats the way for you to go. It is probably the best weightlifting exercise for developing the buttocks curve. Not just that, but they are also considered to be the premier movement of weightlifting.


Although doing squats are among the best exercises for you, you need to know how to do them correctly. They can cause many serious injuries and also need to be done with extreme care and proper form to avoid any severe injuries. In case you have any doubts on how to do this exercise appropriately, it’s good to consult your trainer who will show you how to do squats efficiently and safely.

how to do a  squat with a Barbell

1. Stand with your shoulder-width or feet hip-width apart, feet facing slightly outward or forward.
2. Hold the barbell while ensuring your grasp faces ahead (the width always vary depending on your body) and then pull your elbows down and back.Then rest the barbell to lie across your shoulders, on the trapeziums or slightly lower on the traps and deltoids.
3. After that, bend your knees and also go down to a squat; with your hips moving back; go low further provided you maintain the natural arch in your back; aim to make your thighs to lie parallel to the ground.
4. Slowly go back to the starting position without locking your knees.
5. Repeat this full squat movement many times, per your specific workout routine.

You perform them in several different forms, including the use free weights (dumbbells or barbells), squat racks and squat machines at the gym, your body weight only, and even a chair.These forms include;


how to do a squat form called split squat

To do a split squat, you need to take a step forward with your right leg. Bend your right knee while lifting the heel of the left leg off the floor. Both knees and feet should point forward.
If you’re using dumbbells, you should hold them with outstretched arms next to your thighs. If you’re using a barbell, make sure it’s sitting comfortably on your lats and hold it with both hands evenly spaced along the bar. Make sure that the weight you’re using is not excessive.

You have to maintain stability.

Lower yourself straight down. Keep your neck and back straight, and keep your eyes looking forward. Place the weight on the forward leg. Ensure that your left knee is not touching the floor. This is as far as you should lower yourself. Make sure that your right knee will not pass the line of your right toe. Raise yourself back to the starting position. This is one rep. Repeat for a complete set. Switch position of the legs and repeat.

Do this exercise slowly until you’re sure you’ve got the technique under complete control. Combine it with other leg exercises for a full lower body workout.

how to do a  squat form called the hack squat

The Hack Squat is a lower body exercise that is over a hundred years old. It was first invented by Georg Hackenschmidt, a professional wrestler who competed around the year 1900. The hack squat is considered one of the most challenging quadriceps exercises in the world.

Today, there is a machine that simulates the movement of this squat. To perform the barbell hack squat, you need to place a barbell with weights on the floor and then stand to reach it with your with your back. Some prefer to place a barbell on an elevated platform for the first rep.

Bend both knees and squat down. Hold the barbell using an overhand grip with your back to it. Straighten your legs and lift the barbell from the floor. The barbell should be tight against the back of your legs with outstretched arms.

To do the hack squat, merely bend both knees until your lower the barbell to floor level. Immediately straighten both legs and lift it up behind you. Your arms should remain straight at all times as you want this exercise to work the lower body alone.

Make sure to that you straighten your back and also avoid hunching your shoulders forward. The weight on the barbell will pull your body back, so you need to stabilize yourself with your feet throughout the exercise. Ensure that your knees face the same direction as your feet.Do not let your knees slide sideways during the training.

This exercise takes some time before you get used to it. Even if you’ve been doing squats for a while, usually the weight is on top of you and doesn’t pull you back as it does in this exercise.

Don’t rush to use too much weight with the hack squat. Make sure that you’ve mastered the form of this exercise before adding more weight.

Weighted squat form

The danger of weighted squats

But it is important to note that people never performed this movement with weights on their backs. When people need to lift a weight up, they will use moves such as deadlifts, cleans, presses, jerks, and snatches, but never squats. And for a good reason.

Studies have found that years of intense back squat exercising does permanent damage to your back. This is due to the pressure compacting your spine. Since it is unnatural to do this movement, our bodies have not yet evolved to thrive doing it. But since the squat is such a significant movement, there is only one solution – implement body weight squats into your routine.

how to do a Squat form

Do a body weight squat as follows:
1. Stand up with your legs shoulder-width apart.
2. Sit back with your butt and bend your knees as though you were sitting back in a chair. Sit all the way down until you can go no further (the resting position). Hold your hands out in front of you for balance if you find it necessary.
3. Now push up and extend your legs to return to the starting position which completes one rep.

how to do a squat, A Body weight squats routine

Once you have the essential skill mastered, it is time to make a routine and habit of doing this important exercise, which will work every muscle in your lower body. The secret is to do workouts of three sets of reps to fatigue. Do this one to three times per week, and you will get all the muscle definition you desire.

If you find that this exercise to be simple, you can work on doing pistol squats, where you hold one leg out straight in front of you when you squat with the other.

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