How to increase your BENCH PRESS by 30 POUNDS in ONE Week!

The FASTEST way to INCREASE your BENCH PRESS by 30 pounds in one week.

    This is the fastest way to increase your bench press  by 30 pounds in one week. Usually there are no cheats or hacks to increase your bench, Most of the time you should bench more and use more volume.




The way you warm up is very crucial IF YOU WANT TO  INCREASE YOUR BENCH press BY 30 POUNDS. You should start off with 5 pounds in each hand and warm your rotator cuffs. This help prevent any shoulder injuries that can be caused while benching. Also you want to warm up your upper back, since the weight in going to be on it. You should do some rows and some face pulls.


THE WAY YOU INCREASE YOUR BENCH press BY 30 POUNDS IS by OVERLOADING YOUR MUSCLES and TENDONS. It will make your tendons in your elbow and shoulders used to heavy weight which will lead you to increasing your bench by 30 pounds. Make sure you have someone that can pick up the weight to spot you, and don’t have the clips on because if your spotter can’t pick up the weight you can dump the par to one side.



The way you increase your bench press by 30 pounds is…You want to get 20% more than your max on the bar. Remember you need a spotter that can pick up the weight this is very important. When you lower the bar you want to keep it half way so you are holding the bar for 5 seconds then your spotter should pick it up. You should do about 10 sets of these. But the best way to gain strength is by checking out my programs that are made to work.

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